We specialize in trading and distributing all types of thermoplastic materials



Texto contendo 800 caracteres com histórico da Terra Group (pode ser este mesmo) Established in 2002 by Fabian C. Streinger. After working with recycled plastics for 12 years our company was formed to better service our clients worldwide.

By buying directly from plastic manufacturers and material handlers we are able to distribute these plastics anywhere in the world.

Our goal is simple but requires a lot of hard work to service our clients:
Know all the details of the plastics we are selling
Know our suppliers face to face, visiting their plants and speaking about the plastics.
Know our buyers by making sure they are familiar with the plastics they are buying through samples, pictures, and specification sheets.

We want to be the solution to your plastic waste problems. At Terra Group International we provide our service to your specific needs and make sure such needs are fulfilled.

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